Why Your Business Should Upgrade To The New Office 2016

Why Your Business Should Upgrade To The New Office 2016

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Like everyone else these days, Microsoft is incorporating the cloud into its solutions. As usual there are some handy new features when you buy Office 2016. Microsoft productivity suite upgrade still seems comfortable and familiar.

Microsoft Office has been an impressive tool for many years now when it comes to documents, whether you’re a project engineer in Toronto or a marketing expert in Saskatchewan. Various releases over the years have seen a number of significant changes, but a PC just doesn’t feel complete now without MS Office installed. For most of us, a computer is just less useful if you can’t format a document in Word or crunch numbers in Excel. Even PowerPoint has more uses than most home users give it credit for.

Ease of Use

With Microsoft and its constant change, compatibility and user-friendliness keep resurfacing as the real issues. Remember the sudden transition to the Office ribbon and back again? Over time, new features are just not compatible with old files and we’re left with the task of copying or reformatting them to use new features. And though it may vary in scope, there’s always a bit of learning curve to discover where to find and how to use new features, not to mention changes to the UI that can make even finding old features a pain.

What’s new

* Word, Excel, and PowerPoint allow easy online sharing from within the program.
* There are new chart types you can add to your documents: Treemap, Waterfall, and Starburst.
* Excel includes an excellent set of utilities called “Get & Transform”, a reflection of the database concept of ETL (extract, transform, and load) that makes data collection easier and enhances the surprising use you can get out of a spreadsheet.
* With 2016 Outlook, you can quickly select and attach documents from OneDrive or SharePoint to fire off to multiple email recipients.

Cloud Trends

So the major difference is integrating cloud-based operations more fully into the new Office 2016. If you don’t have a good, fast Internet connection, you might be left behind. But if you do, you should find that the cloud aspect is very much in keeping with the state of computers and computing. Online collaboration is one of the key abilities with the new Windows 10 OS. Office 2016, then, is right where it should be.

Change-resistant Canadians who bought Office 365 may have been off-put by its emphasis on cloud computing, but that was then. Microsoft got the ball rolling with that release, and those who have it can get a free update to Office 2016.

The forward-thinking who are embrace the cloud and are eager to buy Office 2016 will be happy with the update.

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