Why You Should Manage Your Leads With Real Estate CRM Software

Why You Should Manage Your Leads With Real Estate CRM Software

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Most successful real estate agents now use some form of real estate CRM or customer relationship management system. Many industry professionals agree that it is no longer an optional tool for managing leads, and with that in mind, let us take a closer look at why that is.

Buying Has Changed

The buyer who comes to you ready to purchase right now is increasingly rare, and that is because that Internet has changed the way people research and choose real estate. Industry statistics indicate that the vast majority of buyers conduct the process online and that the average buyer begins the process six to nine months ahead of actually making a final decision, which means that you will generally have to manage leads over a long period before converting them.


Organizing your business is tougher too. Realtors are managing more concurrent leads than ever, and they have online responsibilities in addition to their local ones. A real estate contact management component alone makes it easier to coordinate a sizable pool of leads. Real estate CRM software can also integrate with your email client and help you track appointments and communication.

Web Presence Integration

You have to generate leads online, which is true even if the bulk of your business originates locally. A real estate CRM will not help you create the perfect website, but what it will do is assist you in collecting data, analyzing it and perhaps determining why some leads are not moving beyond the earliest phases.

Relationship Building

A six-to-nine-month period means that you need to nurture relationships even with your one-off clients. A real estate contact management solution aids you in doing that through what is known as context marketing. A CRM provides the information and consistency you need to form bonds with clients, and these systems can even identify valuable connections on your behalf, such as automatically associating an existing lead with a new property that has come available.

Automated Marketing

Real estate CRM software will streamline and automate a lot of your marketing responsibilities, including basic follow-ups. Many of your routine tasks can be managed by the computer, and the system can automate emails and newsletters based a wide array of criteria and triggers. This lets you focus your energy on the matters that require your skilled, human attention.

Generate More Income

Industry statistics suggest that real estate professionals who use a real estate CRM tool generate more income than comparable professionals who do not by a significant margin. The reasons people earn more using CRM are evident in the advantages described above, but there is also the matter of creating additional value. For instance, real estate agents who use a CRM are often able to provide referrals and related data to other agents, earn referral fees and thereby generate profit from leads that would not have traditionally generated any at all. Additional resources can be found at IXACT Contact.

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