Tips for Maintaining Your Windows 7 PC

Tips for Maintaining Your Windows 7 PC

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Whether you have Windows 7 or Windows 8, maintaining your computer will keep it running longer as well as faster. Over time, your computer can start having problems if it’s not maintained. Follow these tips or purchase Windows 7 again in the near future. If you have serious issues with your PC, you can upgrade to Windows 8 relatively easily.

Data Backup
We all know how important it is to backup our files, yet, we always plan to do it at another time. Unfortunately, it’s likely that if your hard drive fails, you’ll be left panicking because you don’t have your important files and programs.

Set a schedule for backing up your system regularly so you don’t lose your files. There are some free cloud storage programs like Dropbox or Google Drive that you can use to save important documents.

Clean the Dust
The fan that is supposed to keep the computer cool is one of biggest dust collectors. In order to keep the system running smoothly, you’ll need to clean the dust from the interior parts of the computer.

Remove the backing to get to the interior of the system. Use compressed air to blow the dust out of it. Stay away from household cleaners, and don’t press on any of the circuits inside it.

Run Antivirus
All computers connected to the Internet need to run antivirus and antispyware programs regularly to remove viruses and spyware. Viruses can slow down the function of your computer. It’ll run slowly, and it’ll compromise the security of your data like passwords and files.

You can use a free virus program like AVG Free or Adaware for cleaning viruses from your system. Have the schedule set to run the virus cleaner, and you won’t have to think about it at all.

Clean Out Software
There are likely outdated or unwanted programs on your hard drive. Take the time every few months to assess what you’re using regularly. If you installed a program that you never use, uninstall it to free up your memory.

You can run a program called CCleaner to remove most of the unused programs and data that you don’t need.

After cleaning out the software you don’t need, you should organize the remaining data. When files are organized, Windows’ operating system will be able to neatly and quickly retrieve the files that it needs.

The defragment program can be found under System Tools in the Accessories menu. You can set that on a schedule too.

When you don’t take care of regular maintenance on your system, you might have to purchase Windows 7 prematurely when it can last you for a few more years. Clean out the viruses as well as the dust frequently to reduce issues. Make sure the system is running smoothly by clearing out data and defragmenting too.

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