Digital Software Testing Trends for the Years Ahead

Digital Software Testing Trends for the Years Ahead

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Over the last 10 years or so, things in the field of software testing have changed. The world has witnessed greater focus on testing software in their early stages of development. A paradigm shift has also occurred stressing more on continuous development and testing. In the coming years, the need to implement digital transformation will demand a huge shift towards digital software testing.

More User Friendly Tools

As delivery cycles continue getting shorter, software and app testing will have to get integrated more into the overall development cycle. Developers will be getting involved more and more with the testing. To cater to this growing audience, the testing tools must become more developer-friendly. To achieve this, focus will be more on system integration testing and other user friendly tools that enhance continuous delivery.

Open Source Tools are the Future

The Open Source testing tools market is witnessing disruption. Over the coming decade or more, the sector is going to see higher levels of Open Source tools adoption as more and more organizations attempt to leverage them for better implementation of test automation.

Focus on Quality at High Speed

Thanks to the shrinking competitive advantage environment, stiff competition is compelling businesses to design and develop the best products in the shortest period possible. This is pushing organizations to give more attention to providing the best user experience together with being incredible agility.

With the latest developments in system integration testing tools and technologies, the world is going to experience faster speeds and hopefully better quality.

Mobile App Testing will go Mainstream

As the approval processes for app stores continue becoming more stringent, testing of mobile app will continue growing in prominence. Because of that, releasing mobile apps into the wild and simply waiting to fix issues after receiving customer feedback will become more difficult. Mobile apps will have to live up to the accepted application quality assurance standards.

Huge Demand for Software Development Engineers in Test

Although Software Development Engineers (SDEs) have been around for nearly a decade, their role was really not very different from the traditional product testing roles.

However, as the industry grows, all product testers will now need to put on an extra hat: that of a Software Development Engineers in Test (SDET) if they are to be successful in the growing field of application quality assurance and test automation.


Around the world, more and more businesses are awakening to the need to have a futuristic and well-designed and application quality assurance process if they are to maintain their edge in a very competitive industry.

The above emerging trends may change the software testing landscape altogether. It will be in the interest of organizations to find out how each of these trends can be leveraged and applied in re-strategizing for the years ahead. There is more information available at the QA Consultants website.

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